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Interior door furniture - Modern, contemporary door & cabinet handles

Ocean Group specialises in the supply of Innovative door furniture, from kitchen cabinet handles to Internal and External door hardware.

Our products consists of a range of modern cabinet handles made in stainless steel, chrome and satin finishes including cabinet knobs and bar handles.

Using a sintered process of crushing materials into a fine powder and mixing them with resin, we have created a range of door hardware using Bronze, Copper, Iron, Cornish Slate & Pummice to name a few. Using advanced methods of production and high quality materials make the product highly durable and extremely tactile. With our choice of finishes available you are sure to find the right kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cabinet handles to suit your suite.

We also supply contemporary wooden handles, available in Walnut or Oak. Produced in Denmark, these really are an exciting addition to the group. With the range made up of cabinet knobs and pull handles and including metal & wood combinations all made from a sustainable wood source makes these a natural choice.

Below is a full list of handles we supply:
Cabinet Handles, Bar Handles, Cabinet Knobs, Chrome Handles, Stainless Steel Handles, Kitchen Handles, Pull Handles, D Handles, Cup Handles, Resin Handles, Bronze Handles, Copper Handles, Slate Handles, Lever Handles, Door Knobs, Pull Handles, Contemporary Wood Handles, Walnut Handles, Hinges, Locks, Iron Handles.